Our Sun: The Closest of Stars

  The sun is our immediate connection to the cosmos. Its light illuminates our world. Its energy fuels most life as we know it. It is one of billions of stars, but it is a special one. It is ours. Much of today’s exciting space science regards planets and visitors from other solar systems. But […]

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Human-Robot Cooperation in Space

  Artificial intelligence is advancing space exploration. But how far will it go? To what extent will automated systems relieve humans of the burdens they must currently shoulder in space? Predicting the future is speculation, but informed experts today can offer educated opinions. For this reason, Filling Space spoke with Ella Atkins, an aerospace engineering […]

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Students’ Very Own Space Agency: Space Concordia

  Student projects are fun learning experiences. Some focus on dissecting frogs to learn about anatomy. Others germinate dried beans to learn about botany. However, some students prefer founding their own space agency. This is what students decided to do at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. The organization, Space Concordia, conducts outreach campaigns in local schools. It also designs its […]

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India Rises to the Stars

  India is a unique player in the space industry. Historically its space program has had a developmental focus that distinguishes it from the more militarily-oriented American and Russian programs. But India’s space focus is changing, as exemplified by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent announcement of plans to carry out a manned space mission by 2020. Recent years have […]

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The African Space Race

  During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union dominated space research. Now, we have entered a space age dominated by commercial interests rather than military calculations. In this new era, technologies are becoming cheaper – most notably via an ongoing cubesat revolution. As such, other less developed countries are establishing their presence. Much attention […]

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