Human-Robot Cooperation in Space

  Artificial intelligence is advancing space exploration. But how far will it go? To what extent will automated systems relieve humans of the burdens they must currently shoulder in space? Predicting the future is speculation, but informed experts today can offer educated opinions. For this reason, Filling Space spoke with Ella Atkins, an aerospace engineering […]

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Artificial Intelligence: Advancing Space Exploration

  Space travel is fundamentally a marvel of engineering, so it is no surprise that artificial intelligence is helping advance our exploration of the universe. Artificial intelligence already assists space travel technologies in myriad ways. It helps scientists classify imagery from astronomical surveys. It helps the Curiosity rover choose which Martian soil and rock samples […]

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Creature Comforts in Space

  PARO is a robotic baby seal that helps dementia patients and may someday provide companionship to astronauts. The therapeutic tool’s creator Takanori Shibata thinks PARO may be able to reduce stress for astronauts – who regularly face nerve-wracking situations on the job – thereby lessening chances of human error. There is a growing interest […]

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