Popular Science Books: Creating Excitement and Enthusiasm

  What role do popular science books play? If done right, they cultivate interest in science among everyday people. Sometimes, they spur readers to become scientists themselves. Too often, academic pursuits are locked away in ivory towers. Popular science books break such barriers, helping experts and non-experts communicate with each other. Filling Space spoke with […]

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Racial Identity and Physics

  What is the relationship between racial identity and a scientific field like physics? At first glance, they seem disconnected: one is a phenomenon of human society, the other studies physical rules of the universe. But physics, like all scientific disciplines, is a human endeavor. As such, racism and other forms of marginalization impact individuals […]

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Reimagining Holst’s The Planets

  Gustav Holst’s The Planets premiered 100 years ago. The orchestral suite has become a modern classic, with John Williams reputedly being influenced by it when composing the Star Wars soundtrack (see here for a fantastic mashup). The Planets’ ongoing popularity has ensured that Holst remains a well-known figure in the pantheon of 20th century […]

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Students’ Very Own Space Agency: Space Concordia

  Student projects are fun learning experiences. Some focus on dissecting frogs to learn about anatomy. Others germinate dried beans to learn about botany. However, some students prefer founding their own space agency. This is what students decided to do at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. The organization, Space Concordia, conducts outreach campaigns in local schools. It also designs its […]

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Nations Compete in the Space Club

  International politics is a tough game; countries have no one to turn to but themselves. Despite best efforts to create international institutions that promote more cooperative behavior, countries inevitably, it seems, revert to pursuing self-interest first and foremost. Today’s rise in nationalism, in stark contrast to the heady days of post-Cold War globalization, clearly […]

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India Rises to the Stars

  India is a unique player in the space industry. Historically its space program has had a developmental focus that distinguishes it from the more militarily-oriented American and Russian programs. But India’s space focus is changing, as exemplified by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent announcement of plans to carry out a manned space mission by 2020. Recent years have […]

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