Please contact us if you are interested in any of the positions listed below, or if you have any proposals about how you would like to involve yourself in Filling Space. The positions below are unpaid and would require less than 10 hours per week of your time. We are happy to discuss with you ways to tailor the positions to align with your ambitions.


We need an engineer to assist with maintaining and improving the website. Primary tasks include ensuring there are regular backups, taking measures to avoid malware infiltrates, implementing search engine optimization, and creating new pages when necessary. Preferably you have and want to showcase and develop your skills in front-end languages including HTML, CSS, CSS3, Responsive Design, JavaScript, jQuery, SASS, as well as in back-end languages including PHP, MySQL, and PHPmyAdmin.


We need an editor to help us curate content on the website. The main function of this position is to write and finalize weekly articles for publication. The usual elements of Filling Space articles are: a brief paragraph of context-setting; questions and answers with a relevant expert; and a featured piece of media. In this position, you would be given questions and answers with an expert. You would then need to incorporate the questions and answers into an article, producing one per week.


We need a social media coordinator to support our social media presence. The key function of this position is to increase Filling Space’s number of interactions on social media. You would use tools like TweetDeck to schedule regular social media posts. You would furthermore make posts advertising new articles when they are published. Finally, you would interact with other users to generate growth in our social network.