Chris Baker

I am an astrophotographer whose main interest is “deep sky objects” beyond our solar system, such as nebulae and star clusters in our galaxy. I turn the images into works of glass wall art. You can find examples of my work here

Colin Cooper

I am the co-owner of ICAstronomy, a remote telescope hosting site in Almeria, Spain which hosts telescopes from private individuals and also big business. The data collected is used for both Art and science. I started Astro as a hobby many moons ago, and now hosts telescopes from around the world, plus I also teach Astrophotography! I have a vast collection of Astro Images which I have photographed over the years. You can find some of them here.

David A. Hardy

I am a long-established space artist, an Honorary Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, and the European Vice President of the International Association of Astronomical Artists. You can find examples of my work here

Lisa Price

Besides serving on Filling Space’s Advisory Council, I create space art. I work mostly with acrylics, creating unique finger-painted images with a spiritual edge. You can find examples of my work here and here

Lucy West

I am a professional artist whose work explores astronomy, science, space exploration, anthropology, human nature, and our planet’s diverse collection of life and human cultures. You can find examples of my work here